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The Ethics of the Climate Crisis

The planet is in crisis. Time is short, but it is still possible to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions before disaster overtakes us all.

Environmental Thought: A Short History

Attfield guides readers through the key developments and debates that have defined the field from ancient times to the present.

The Ethics of the Global Environment (2nd Edition)

Edinburgh University Press 2015 in the World Ethics series edited by Nigel Dower

Ethics: An Overview

This is the definitive companion to the study of ethics. It provides students with an accessible, comprehensive and philosophically rigorous introduction to the major thinkers, issues and debates.

Wonder, Value and God

This book relates the value present in the natural world and in human creativity to an underlying purpose which it traces in creation.

Applied Ethics

Philosophy has provided us with a wealth of moral and ethical theories. Applied ethics is the study of practical moral issues and our best philosophical theories, and how each can inform the other.

A Distant Voice in the Darkness

"A distant voice in the darkness... So on the ocean of life we pass" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow A chance meeting at university leads to a relationship that spans marriages, the world and the decades in this sweeping and fulfilling novel from acclaimed author Leela Dutt

Environmental Ethics

Environmental ethics is a relatively new branch of philosophy, which studies the values and principles involved in combatting environmental problems such as pollution, loss of species and habitats..

Kingfisher Blue

First published in 1996, this is an anthology of eight short stories involving fictional contemporary Quakers. The stories are all written in the first person and are told by a wide variety of men and women, often outsiders, ranging in age from 22 to 90.

Rubik's Cube

Imagine cruise missiles come to an American base in South Wales in the 1980s - they are the ominous background to this novel, set among Quakers in a university city; but the writer is more interested in personal tensions - tunnel vision leading


Mathison is a rich story of one family throughout the twentieth century, involving an Indian home in Calcutta in 1900 and a Jewish dentist in Nuremberg in the 1930s; Los Angeles, Golders Green and South Wales.

Fresh Beginnings

Leela Dutt’s collection Fresh Beginnings will warm your heart and stay in your mind – it might even make you laugh! An intriguing mixture of stories, all in Leela Dutt’s inimitable style – something here for everyone, and beautifully illustrated by Kate Attfield.

Value, Obligation, and Meta-Ethics

This work defends an interrelated set of theses in value-theory, normative ethics and meta-ethics.

A Theory of Value and Obligation

Originally published in 1987 and re-issued in 2020 with a new Preface, this book presents and elaborates interrelated solutions to a number of problems in moral philosophy.

Creation, Evolution and Meaning

This book presents the case for belief in both creation and evolution at the same time as rejecting creationism.

God and the Secular

This book concerns secularising trends in science, moral philosophy and natural theology across the period from 1600 to 1800. These trends are both delineated and appraised.

Environmental Philosophy and Principles

This 1994 collection of essays of Robins environmental philosophy brings together over a dozen path-finding essays such as ‘The Good of Trees’ (from Journal of Value Inquiry, 1981), via an essay on different depths of environmental ethics, ‘ Sylvan, Fox, and Deep Ecology:

The Ethics of the Environment

This is a book Robin was invited to edit, which collects and includes 33 essays central to environmental ethics.

International Justice and the Third World

A vindication of the belief in global or universal justice, which explores both liberal and Marxist grounds for such belief.

Environmental Philosophy: Principles and Prospects

This 1994 collection of essays of mine in environmental philosophy brings together over a dozen path-finding essays such as ‘The Good of Trees’

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