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Mathison by Leela Dutt

Updated: Jun 25

Hello again, If anyone is interested, I thought I’d sell off some copies of my earlier paperbacks – so here’s one you might like:

2012 see the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing, early pioneer of computing, who devised the famous Turing Test: can we make a computer program which is capable of tricking someone into thinking it is a human, Turing wondered? This novel goes a big step further – it claims to be a whole story written by a computer program called Mathison. It’s the compelling story of one family throughout the twentieth century, involving an Indian home in Kolkata where a baby is born in 1900 and a Jewish dentist in Nuremberg in the 1930s. It’s set in Los Angeles, Golders Green and South Wales. There are Quakers in Germany in the 1930s and in Wales in the 1990s, as two parallel story lines converge at the end of the century with the birth of a baby, the child to whom Mathison addresses his story.

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