The top row of pictures shows on the left our son-in-law Rob, our granddaughter Rosie and our grandson Gruff -  Jo's family.

Next to them is our wedding day 13th August 1966 with our parents, Tom and Win Attfield to the left and Bodil and Shambhu Dutt in the Dutts' back garden in Golders Green. Next is a photo taken on the day exactly fifty years later of a certain celebration...

And on the right of the top row, a race between John Nightingale and Robin Attfield in 1964 in the stadium at Delphi during the famous Israel Trip.

This is a famous holiday photo from 1979 at Oxwich Bay, west Wales. Nanna (Win Attfield) is wearing her distinctive red  beret and minding our clothes on the beach while everyone else goes in the sea; with her are Robin, Jo, Julian and Kate.  If we wanted to find our base, we just looked for the red beret...

To the right of the beach is a picture of the proud parents taken on the day Kate was awarded her PhD at Cardiff University.  Then there's Robin as a cheeky young lad.

Just above that row is Kate getting said PhD, Leela and her father in London in the 1950s, a sweater Leela was once proud of knitting, then the day Roath Park Lake in Cardiff froze over in 2018

The last two photos are of Leela's extended family, in Copenhagen and in Kolkate.

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